The M8 Challenge Approach

Designed by celebrity trainer Luke Milton the M8 program will get you fit and fabulous, fast. You’ll get daily, highly targeted workouts that are put together into a fast working program for weight loss, muscle tone, and general health.
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The Three Pillars of Health

"Achieving a healthy lifestyle is so much more than just physical fitness. We need to focus on mental and social health is well which is why I designed Mate to Go to include all three elements." - Luke Milton, celebrity trainer and founder.
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Mate to Go delivers an amazing workout to all fitness levels, from super fit to just starting out!
M8 Challenge Approach 

Physical Health

Luke Milton has designed a revolutionary fitness and health program designed to get maximum results in minimum time.

M8 revolves around 8 minute intervals in modular form.
• All Body HIIT
• Arms and abs
• Cardio blast
• Booty and legs
• 8 Minutes Recovery
• 8 Minutes Abs

These are then combined with specialty workouts.

• Celebrity Booty burn
• Back and biceps
• Chest and triceps
• Cardio Kick
• Complex Legs

Each Program Combines Various Sets of the 8 Minute Workouts and Recovery to achieve your goals:

• Beginner to advanced
• Modify the plan to suit at any time
• Weight Loss
• Tighten and Tone
• Build Muscle
• All Round Fitness and Well Being

Mental Health

You train hard, we bring the fun. 

When you’re happy, we’re happy. 

And when everyone’s having a good time, you’ll feel like part of a family – one that you’ll actually want to visit. 

Missing the comradery of professional sports, Luke founded Training Mate on the principle of motivation through mateship. 

His positivity is infectious and at the heart of everything we do at Training Mate. 

As part of the M8 Challenge you’ll get Mental Health Modules Narrated by Luke to keep you focused, clear and positive.

M8 Challenge Approach 

Social Health

No one pushes you harder than your mates. 

Where others live to train we train to live. 

When we started Training Mate in 2013, we wanted it to be so much more than a workout, we wanted it to be a way of life. 

Our unique combination of intense training programs and cheeky humor will get you in the best shape of your life before you know it! 

The M8 Community comes together in our on-line forum to share goals, achievements, progress and setbacks. 

Combine that with input from our friendly, helpful team and it’s all about mates helping mates. 

Mates are there for you in the good times and the bad. 

Find Your Why

During the M8 Challenge we’ll help you identify what motivates you to succeed. To help you find your Why. Because that’s when real transformation is made and real results are seen.
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